Welcome to Charley’s site, where she tries (try being the operative word here) to keep her readers up to date with what’s happening in her busy world. This is a good place to find news on Charley’s latest books and where you can purchase them, free stories, as well as her thoughts on life in general.¬†

A little bit about Charley: she¬†once rode a toboggan down a 5,000 foot mountain. Once was enough. She has explored caves and canoed rivers across the US and survived a flash flood in the Sonoran desert. She’s been shot at, gotten lost in the north woods and nearly drowned off the coast of Maine. She’s slogged through knee-deep mud in the dark to take wildlife photos at dawn and has been rewarded with experiences most people miss out on.

Charley believes stories should entertain us, help us escape from the world’s troubles for a while, make us feel good, and occasionally show us something about ourselves. That’s what she writes. Her goal is simple: if one of her books entertained you and left you with a smile then she counts that book a success.


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