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An omnibus ecollection of THE JUNKYARD DOG SERIES for only $19.99- a 50% saving on the regular price of the 13 individual novellas

Bounced through an asteroid field like a pinball, Major Rita King crashes her damaged star cruiser on a lifeless planet. Her troubles are just beginning.
Rita loves her ship.
Loves the feel of deep space between the stars.
Loves being a galaxy cop. But holding the spot of top pilot in the elite Red Barons leaves little time for anything else in her life. Maybe that’s why she missed the signs that all was not well in her world. Someone she trusted tampered with her ship and sent her out to die.
Things go from bad to worse when Rita’s repaired ship is captured and she is forced to work in a mine filled with a deadly bacteria. Even if she escapes she’ll be a fugitive from the very agency she swore to uphold. Her life in tatters, Rita fights to find answers. Who betrayed her, and why?
Includes free bonus short story Alcatraz Moon.
1200 pages
$19.99 EBook

The "Worlds Beyond Disaster" Bundle featuring Charley Marsh's first-in-the-series post apocalyptic: SLOW WALK

Seven ebooks for the price of one!

From BundleRabbit.

Corrupt governments, secret societies, mutated creatures, and post-apocalypse Earth meet strong-willed characters, unexpected hope, and gripping action.

For fans of Suzanne Collins, James Dashner, and George Orwell, a new dystopian ebook bundle is here! Filled with seven action-packed stories that pose the questions: What would you do in the face of disaster? And how far would you go to save the world?

EPrice $4.99


SLOW WALK, the first book in the Upheaval Series brings alive a world where the rules of civilization no longer exist and survival often means choosing who deserves to live—and who should die.

256 pages

Ebook  Usually $4.99 now part of the $4.99 Bundlerabbit bundle