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Working Behind the Scenes Lately

I’ve been busy trying to catch up with marketing and publishing—both of which require new programs and courses and climbing learning curves. Some days I feel that I might as well just beat my head against a wall, that’s how little progress I make. But persistence pays off, as it does in all avenues of life, and I’m slowly climbing the curves. The bad thing for me is that it all takes time away from my writing, which is the part of this job that I like best.Read More

Is Your Glass Half-Empty or Half-Full?

Sarah lives a good life. She owns a nice home. She is artistically talented and intelligent. Has friends and family to count on when needed. In short, she lives a good life.

But what I hear from her mouth is a lot of “I can’t” and “I don’t,” two phrases that absolutely drive me up the wall. I want to shake her by the shoulders and tell her “you can” and “you do,” because, well, because it’s true.Read More

The Power of No

Usually when I read anything about the power of the word “no” it has to do with using it. Today I want to talk about receiving it.

A young friend of mine shared an experience she had last week and was still upset about. At her father’s urging she had tried out for spring track, a sport she had participated in last year and enjoyed.

She didn’t make the team. She explained to me that she was angry with her father because it was his fault. He had “pushed” her to try out and she had failed. Worse, she had failed in front of her friends.Read More