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What is a Man?

“A man is made up of several different factors: what he has inherited from his parents; what he has picked up from his surroundings; what he has brought over from previous reincarnations; what he thinks, feels and does; what his reactions are to other people. It is the combination of all these elements which make one man.” Paul Brunton

This is a huge question which I am sure I will come back to again and again because it fascinates me. Indulge me while I think aloud.Read More


I may be slow to understand things but once I get them they change me.

Listening is one of those things.

Perhaps because I grew up in a household where children were not meant to be heard, once I escaped it seemed that I wanted everyone to hear me. I was anxious to share my thoughts and feelings on any subject at hand and I suspect I was downright obnoxious about it.Read More