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Free Fiction 15th

Pandora Rhees needs new clients to save the private investigator business she inherited from her parents.

When Crexlan Tooms knocks on her door with a problem that demands immediate attention she jumps at the offer.

Maybe too fast.

Join Pandora as she digs into the disappearance of two men on Zeta II, a wild and dangerous mining frontier beyond the reach of galaxy law.

Sorry you missed it! Pandora’s Private Inquiries can be found in e-format at your favorite retailer by clicking this link:



Free Fiction 15th

Under Deneb law, all of Rayne’s possessions belong to her scoundrel husband, even after their divorce.

Rayne’s husband makes her an offer: do him one small favor and he’ll return her ship.

How far would she go to get back what was rightfully hers?

A Small Favor is free to read on this website for two weeks only. You can also find it at your favorite retailer.

Sorry you missed it! A Small Favor can be found at your favorite retailers by clicking on the link.

Book Update

I’ve released two new romances in the Romancing the Gods series, Pandora’s Penance and Cassandra’s Curse. I’m not fond of tragedies so I’m turning Greek myths into happily ever after romances. Fun for me to write and hopefully fun for you to read.

Pandora Jones roams her city streets at night, gathering the worries that keep others awake. The ultimate lonely girl.

When handsome playboy Zee’s father sends him halfway across America on an errand,  Zee cannot refuse. One does not say no to Zeus.

Smart, playful, and satisfying, PANDORA’S PENANCE rights an old wrong and brings an Olympic god down to where love and romance rule.




Cassie Brown loves her job working with sail and power boats. Loves her fiancé, Portland’s most eligible bachelor.

Loves her life–except for one tiny thing. She sees the future and no one ever believes her.

Handsome Pauli drives the launch at the marina. Just a short stopover on his way to somewhere else.

Until he meets Cassie and everything changes.

CASSANDRA’S CURSE brings a modern twist to an old myth about love and betrayal.

I just finished the eleventh book in the Junkyard Dog series, Bolkarus Station. That will be out later this month.

Watch for a new free short story every month on the fifteenth. I keep those on this site for two weeks only after which you can buy them at your favorite retailer.