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Busy Day

So much going on! I had a theme for today’s post but I find that I have too many things to do to give it the thought it deserves so I’m bagging it. Instead of writing my post I’m going to finish a workshop assignment (I always have a writing workshop going on. I’ll never be as great a writer as I want to be if I stop learning.) I’m also prepping a new Junkyard Dog Collection–Books 4-6 for publication this week and I’m writing the second book in a new sci-fi series. In between brain work I’m headed out to my flower gardens to weed and soak up some Vitamin D.

Wishing you all a nice holiday weekend and sending my respect for all who served or are serving in our armed forces.

Wild Lupines on a Foggy Morning copyright Gunsmith Photo


Getting caught in a spider’s web is often how troubles feel.

We all have them. Troubles come in all sizes, shapes, and intensities. Sometimes we get caught in the blast radius of another person’s troubles. Sometimes we are standing at ground zero. After decades of roaming this Earth and dealing with my share of troubles it has finally occurred to me that we need them.Read More

April Reading List

Photo: Wood Duck family on a Log copyright Gunsmith Photo. If you look closely at this image you’ll see the baby Wood ducks nestled under mama. Shots like these take patience to get, especially when the subject is looking right at the photographer.

The List: I read a lot last month, partly for a workshop I was doing, partly because we lost power for most of two days and there was little else I could do, partly because April weather essentially sucked, and mostly because I love to read and read something every day.

I read a wide variety of fiction and several non-fiction environmental studies during April. I had a few disappointments that surprised me. I won’t name the authors because I’m not into bashing a fellow writer. Suffice it to say they weren’t to my taste.Read More



An unusual topic, I know. I am fascinated by obituaries. Weird but true. I feel compelled to read them whenever they pass before my eyes. You can tell so much about a person’s life and their relationships by their obituary. Is the obit long? Does it resemble a grocery list of their life’s accomplishments? Does it list family members all the way down to great-great children and how the deceased will be missed by all?Read More