I have been working on a number of projects lately, not all writing related so I thought I’d share a little here.

Writing is a sedentary and solitary endeavor and it’s easy to become a writing chair potato. Now that winter is finally loosening its grip on my part of the world I am getting outside more. It’s not quite time to dig into the gardening/yard work, but it’s nice enough to take longer walks. So far we are walking our dead-end gravel road and increasing our mileage slowly as we get back into shape. When all the snow is gone we’ll tackle the woods’ trails which are far more challenging.

Also tackling long overdue wall washing in the house. What a loathsome chore! But it looks so good when it’s done and I feel so self-righteous for having done it that it keeps me going. Like eating an elephant, I find that tackling one manageable section at a time makes it far easier to motivate myself. Slow but steady progress. Can’t wait for that chore to be finished!

On the writing front, I’m working on a new mystery/romance series. My editor loved the first book but pointed out some glaring problems with the second book and she’s right dammit. I could feel those problems when I was writing it but ignored my gut. Back to the drawing board on that one. LISTEN TO MY GUT! How many times do I have to learn that lesson? The plan is to have at least the first five finished before releasing them, so stay tuned. I’ll post progress updates.

On the publishing front, the third book in my Romancing the Gods series was released last week. Tia’s Troubles revisits the relationship of Orion and Artemis. I love remaking those old tragedies into happily ever afters.

The woodshed is almost empty and I’m hoping the temps don’t dip too low. We had the third snowiest winter on record and lower temps than usual. You know when there’s a risk of frostbite after fifteen minutes that it’s cold. Brrr.

The good news is that the first day of spring arrived a few days ago, birds are migrating in, and blades of green grass are showing. I’m ready!

The photo is of an American Avocet feeding. Absolutely gorgeous birds. I think we took this shot in eastern South Dakota. As always, our photos are copyrighted.