I have always been happier outdoors than stuck inside. I once rode a toboggan down a 5,000 foot mountain after snowshoeing my way to the top. (Never again) I’ve explored wilderness areas, parks, rivers, and caves across the US and found something to love about every one. I survived a flash flood in the Sonoran desert, have been shot at, and nearly drowned off the coast of Maine. These days I mostly confine my adventures to the words I write.

I fell into writing sideways. I never set out to be a storyteller, but looking back on the elaborate lies I made up as a troubled teenager I can see that I always had the makings. After many years spent writing articles to accompany my wildlife photography I decided to try my hand at fiction. That first book took me seven years to write. I was hooked and never looked back.

I write across genres because that keeps me interested and every new story feels fresh and begs to be told. The stories entertain me and hopefully some will entertain you as well. In any case, I can’t stop writing. I’ve finally found a legitimate outlet for that teenage girl’s lies.