In a galaxy where clones fill the role of slaves . . what happens when one goes off script? Follow the adventures of Amelia Blueheart, an unlikely hero–a clone who dares the unthinkable.

Emotionless as droids, highly specialized translator clones mediate negotiations galaxy-wide. Failure to close the deal means a certain–and immediate–termination. Whisked from assignment to assignment, few survive more than a few years………….

After three months hiding aboard The Malapar, Amelia Blueheart wants to feel useful again. A garbled distress call from a nearby planet provides the distraction she needs. Trap or legit? Finding out means traveling to the inhospitable planet’s surface………………………

When powerful technology veiled by the mists of time suddenly reappears, people begin to die. Forced to depart the Malapar, runaway clone Amelia Blueheart hopes to make Theopoline her new home. The city offers much that she finds attractive, but in less than a day she finds herself drawn into the heart of a dangerous situation……….
When Largo’s old comrade requests Largo’s help tracking down a killer, Amelia urges him to postpone their trip and lend a hand. The victim worked for the comrade’s mother, a brilliant biologist about to unveil a new food source that promises to eradicate poverty and starvation galaxy-wide……..