I’ve been so busy writing that I forgot all about updating my latest releases. (All of these books with descriptions can be found under the appropriate pages on this site.)

First, I released two new books in the Junkyard Dog short novel series:


Book 8, New Earth takes place on a planet fashioned after the amusement parks from Old Earth, with rides, food and game stands. Where people gather to have fun thieves are bound to follow and New Earth is no exception. You can find it at your favorite retailer through this link: http://books2read.com/newearth








Book 9, RED MIST takes place on board the Junkyard Dog. Margarita King and her crew’s lives are changed forever when a large red cloud envelops their ship. You can find it at your favorite retailer through this link: http://books2read.com/redmist









I have also been busy working on some cover redesigns. You can see the new Spencer Reed mystery series covers on this page: http://charleymarshbooks.com/mystery/ya-mystery/




The Girl With the Golden Heart not only has a new cover but a new title as well to better reflect the story.

Steampunk Heart 

This is a world I plan to return to once I finish the Junkyard Dog series. (Three more short novels there I think). Victorian Science Fiction is just great fun to imagine and even more fun to write. You can find Steampunk Heart at your favorite retailer through this link: http://books2read.com/steampunkheart






There’s lots more going on, including a new cover redesign for the Upheaval Series by a wonderful writer/cover designer pal of mine, Tina Back. I look forward to revealing those in the (hopefully) near future.