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August Reading List

I am still reading all of the required books for an upcoming romance workshop and have to admit that I’m struggling with the last few because they are in digital format. By the end of my writing day my poor eyeballs are tired of staring at a screen and the last thing I want to do is settle down with a good book–on an e-reader or my laptop. So, I’m struggling. I did however read some good books and I latched onto a new author with a creative time travel/mystery/romance series that I absolutely love. So here are a few of the books I read in August that stood out for me:Read More

June Reading List

Crab Spider on Thistle Flower, copyright 2019 by Gunsmith Photo

June Reading List

I’m working on a required reading list for a romance workshop I’m taking in September. Unfortunately I can’t talk about any of the books here but I’ll mention them after the workshop. I also read a lot of other stuff last month. Here are a few that really stood out.Read More

Busy Day

So much going on! I had a theme for today’s post but I find that I have too many things to do to give it the thought it deserves so I’m bagging it. Instead of writing my post I’m going to finish a workshop assignment (I always have a writing workshop going on. I’ll never be as great a writer as I want to be if I stop learning.) I’m also prepping a new Junkyard Dog Collection–Books 4-6 for publication this week and I’m writing the second book in a new sci-fi series. In between brain work I’m headed out to my flower gardens to weed and soak up some Vitamin D.

Wishing you all a nice holiday weekend and sending my respect for all who served or are serving in our armed forces.

Wild Lupines on a Foggy Morning copyright Gunsmith Photo

March Reading List

Who doesn’t enjoy pictures of puppies or kittens? This photo is of my ivory lab the day I brought her home four years ago. Ziva now weighs 65 pounds and is immensely strong, intelligent, and never fails to entertain me.

THE READING LIST: I reread a few favorite novels this month but mostly it was a month for reading short stories. I love when I discover new writers and I discovered a few this month whose work I’m going to look for. Here’s a partial list of the ones that stuck with me:Read More

Free Fiction 15th

Under Deneb law, all of Rayne’s possessions belong to her scoundrel husband, even after their divorce.

Rayne’s husband makes her an offer: do him one small favor and he’ll return her ship.

How far would she go to get back what was rightfully hers?

A Small Favor is free to read on this website for two weeks only. You can also find it at your favorite retailer.

Sorry you missed it! A Small Favor can be found at your favorite retailers by clicking on the link.