Well I’ve gone and done it. I upgraded my site to be compliant and I lost all my previous blog posts. I was upset at first, I have to admit, but I’m over it now. I’m going to look upon this instead as a fresh start.

Life often hands us surprises like this on a sliding scale of mild to OMG catastrophic. The only thing we can do is choose how we we respond when they happen.  We’ve all heard the sayings “every cloud has a silver lining” or “when one door closes another opens for us.” Those platitudes, worn out as they are, carry some truth in them.

It’s easy to grow comfortable in our routines and status quo. (For those of you who aren’t sure what status quo means, it’s the existing state of affairs.) But life is not static and sometimes it hits us over the head with a big mallet to remind us of that. We are meant to continue to move forward, to grow and to learn.

I’ve included this photo of my two current dogs as an illustration. We lost the chocolate lab in the Home page photo after 11 wonderful years. I missed her terribly, but eventually I found the heart to replace her with the ivory lab pictured here chasing our French Brittany. My status quo changed with the death of Hunter, and changed again when I brought Ziva into the family. All for the best, I might add. She’s entertaining as hell.

(Edit to add: I found them, but I may not keep them. I kind of like the idea of starting with a clean slate.)