The Long Road Home

An Enemies to Lovers Romance

There are many ways to heal a broken heart. Some more sensible than others.
Riding solo across the US on a Harley presents unforeseen challenges for Camden Burns – none as troubling as Dean Wester, the sheriff of the small town of Enbridge, Kansas.
When Camden’s bike develops a worrying vibration, she pulls to the side of a Kansas cornfield to call for help. Unfortunately, the sheriff finds her first and makes it clear there’s no room in his small town for her.
Fine with Camden. Get the bike fixed and she’ll be happily on her way.
Of course nothing is that simple. The universe has other ideas, and she has no choice but to play along.
Wester knows his young daughter Sophie needs a mother and he has just the woman in mind. Nice and proper and the perfect role model for his little girl. The complete opposite, in fact, of the irritating Camden Burns.
An Enemies to Lovers romance.

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Deadly Games
When Largo’s old comrade requests Largo’s help tracking down a killer, Amelia urges him to postpone their trip and lend a hand. The victim worked for the comrade’s mother, a brilliant biologist about to unveil a new food source that promises to eradicate poverty and starvation galaxy-wide. 
The research draws the attention of a radical group determined to prevent its use, but much to Amelia’s dismay, also that of her creators–the Tribunal.
Their investigation proves to be anything but straight forward. Amelia and Largo find themselves drawn into a deadly web of murder and betrayal right from the start. 
Deadly Games, the fourth book in the Amelia Blueheart Sci-Fi series delivers another entertaining tale of deception and adventure.
eBook List Price: $5.99