A step above droids in the humanoid hierarchy.
Guided by the matrix, a set of rules and responses all clones must follow or perish.
Emotionless as droids, highly specialized translator clones mediate negotiations galaxy-wide. Failure to close the deal means a certain–and immediate–termination. Whisked from assignment to assignment, few survive more than a few years.

When clone T564 cannot break the impasse between two parties who refuse to compromise, her owners give her twenty-four hours to find a solution or die.

In a galaxy where clones are little more than slaves . . . What happens when a clone defies her owners and goes off script?
The first book in an exciting new sci-fi series, A Desperate Gamble introduces an unlikely hero: a clone who dares the unthinkable.
EBook List Price: $4.99
Sunny days and starlit nights. Sugar-fine sand. Palm trees, turquoise water, and the best-equipped marina in the world. An amusement park and circus. The finest dining. All set on a private island.
The only spoiler? Murder.
Get transported to the amazing Island Resort, the planet’s top-rated vacation spot, where the guests have more than fun and relaxation on their minds.
Filled with twists, turns, and romance, the Destination Death mysteries deliver unputdownable reads. Now you can get the entire seven book series in one volume.
Price $29.99

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Romancing the Gods Collection

Humans have been telling one another stories ever since they first developed language. Stories that teach, stories that entertain. The ancient Greek story tellers had a nasty habit of punishing their main characters, especially when it came to romance. I’m bringing these couples into modern times and giving them not only new lives, but also another chance to find the happily ever after they deserve.
This collection contains the first four books in the Romancing a God series.
Ebook Price $9.99