Amateur sleuth Harriet Monroe barely gets settled back in from her trip to the mainland when a female guest disappears. Ten hours later, a second woman goes missing. Despite an extensive search, the missing women are nowhere to be found. No ransom notes. No obvious motives. Who took them and why?
As Harriet’s memories slowly begin to return, she discovers unexpected links from her past to the present. Links that could destroy the resort’s future. Links that ultimately threaten Harriet’s life and the life of someone dear to her.
The past crashes into the present in the seventh book in the Destination Death series, Haunted in Paradise. Can Harriet and her friends deal with the fallout?
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Romancing the Gods Collection

Humans have been telling one another stories ever since they first developed language. Stories that teach, stories that entertain. The ancient Greek story tellers had a nasty habit of punishing their main characters, especially when it came to romance. I’m bringing these couples into modern times and giving them not only new lives, but also another chance to find the happily ever after they deserve.
This collection contains the first four books in the Romancing a God series.
Ebook Price $9.99