Book 5 in the Destination Death series

Available October 15, 2021

Despite a spate of murders at the high-end Island Resort, Harriet Monroe loves her job. The resort made the coveted number one spot on Pampered Magazine’s list for “must-visit” vacations and she intends to hang onto that position with her new ad campaigns. If only life would stop getting in the way.
The resort’s new chief financial officer moves into the cottage next to Harriet’s. Despite her efforts to be a good neighbor he treats her like three-day-old fish earmarked for the trash bin.
When a well-to-do guest reports his secretary missing it’s all hands on deck to find the young woman. The guest’s wife insists her husband is responsible.
And if she wasn’t busy enough, Harriet begins working with a world-renowned neurologist to try to retrieve the memories from her first eight years. The procedures could be harmful–the memories downright dangerous.

Destination Death Mystery Series