Betrayed in Paradise (Book 6)

The sixth book in the Destination Death series brings more trouble to the Island Resort and sends Harriet searching for her lost memories.
Two months have passed at the Island Resort without a murder, missing person, or even a serious injury. Fingers crossed, Harriet Monroe hopes this becomes a new trend. No murder, no mayhem–just happy guests.
Every available room and cottage on the resort has been booked for a week-long family reunion. When the daughter of the reunion’s main organizer decides to get married that same week, Harriet jumps into high gear. Flowers, food, cake, music–the bride’s mother changes her mind on a daily basis, driving the resort staff bonkers.
With the family settled in and Harriet running interference between the bride’s mother and the staff, it looks as if the wedding will take place without any major drama–until the maid of honor turns up dead at the bridal shower. What looks like an unfortunate accident is soon revealed to be murder. Who killed Cynn Gaudreau and why? A cozy mystery set in a tropical island resort with amateur sleuth Harriet Monroe.

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Romancing the Gods Collection

Humans have been telling one another stories ever since they first developed language. Stories that teach, stories that entertain. The ancient Greek story tellers had a nasty habit of punishing their main characters, especially when it came to romance. I’m bringing these couples into modern times and giving them not only new lives, but also another chance to find the happily ever after they deserve.
This collection contains the first four books in the Romancing a God series.
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