Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance and Modern Mythology

Modern Mythology

ROMANCING A GOD series: These goddesses got the short end of the stick in their time. They are back today to get what they deserve. Humans have been telling one another stories ever since they first developed language. Stories that teach, stories that entertain. The ancient Greek story tellers had a habit of punishing their main characters, especially when it came to romance. I’m bringing these women into modern times and giving them not only new lives, but also another chance to find the happily ever after they deserve.

Contemporary Romance

TWISTED SISTER: Faith Donahue finds herself with her sister on winter camping trip gone horribly wrong . Boston detective Wade Elliot’s wife’s dying words derail his life. Can two wounded people save each other from their pasts? A captivating tale with engaging characters and a shocking twist,.


Constantly judged by the way she looks, Andromeda White doesn’t fit in anywhere. She tries her best to fulfill her parents’ expectations but never earns their love, the one thing she most wants. Now they expect her to make the ultimate sacrifice for their business……………….
Property developer Artemis Smith loves her work but has time for little else in her life. After five years of plotting and planning she lands a coveted project in her beloved Portland, Maine. To her dismay, Portland’s favorite playboy signs on as the project’s largest backer………………
Cassie Brown loves her life–except for one not so tiny thing. She can see the future and no one believes her. Cassie loves her dream job as a canvas designer at an upscale marina. She’s engaged to marry Portland’s most eligible bachelor……………

Pandora Jones roams her city streets at night, capturing the worries that keep others awake and securing them in boxes that she makes. The ultimate lonely girl, trying to atone for her ancestor’s costly mistake

Other Contemporary Romance

Faith Donahue finds herself abandoned in the northern Maine mountains. A winter camping trip with her sister gone horribly wrong. No snowmobile. No snowshoes. No supplies. Forty miles through deep snow to the nearest town. An impossible journey…………….