Could you survive without electricity? Your cell phone? TV? Transportation? Grocery stores?

I live out in the country and rely on a well for water for the horses, dogs, and us. Whenever we lose our power we lose water and that always weighs on my mind. What if we lost power for more than a few days? How would I fill the horse’s water tank?


The short answer is I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. If that scenario happened I would have to walk the horses down off the bluff we live on to the river in the valley below—a trip of several miles. And then I’d have to walk them home.

And repeat at least twice a day. My legs ache just thinking about it.

In my Upheaval series I imagine a world where all the amenities of civilization in the United States have been destroyed by natural disasters (the Upheaval). No communication. No fuel for cars. No electricity. No grocery stores.

How long could you survive? The country folk would have a little easier time of it if they farm, garden, hunt. But city folk? You’re up the proverbial creek without a paddle. And given that the sewer system would no longer function it would be an ugly creek.

No elevators. No heat or AC. No lights. No food stores to shop from. Nowhere to go. Even hoarders will only survive for at most a year beyond those who shop for food daily.

I had a lot of fun with this scenario. I stopped at three books but I think the Upheaval series will continue later this year. There’s so much more to write and I love the characters.

So give it some thought. Could you survive?