Amateur sleuth Harriet Monroe deals with a murder mystery before the grand opening of the beautiful Island Resort and it is not the last!

The world’s finest paradise resort offering deluxe accommodations, fine dining, sugar white beaches and every water sport imaginable–even an amusement park and the famous Angel Brothers Circus.

The Island Resort truly has it all, including a murder before the first guest even arrives. Unfortunately, it’s not the last, and the employees soon nickname the beautiful resort Destination Death. Amateur sleuth Harriet Monroe and the resort’s security director, retired detective Alex Hayes, have their hands full.

It’s a surprise to everyone when the murders make the Island Resort the world’s most coveted vacation spot. Do the guests hope to become part of a murder investigation–or do they come to commit a crime?

A new amateur sleuth murder mystery series featuring Harriet Monroe and retired detective Alex Hayes.

Destination Death Murder Mysteries

Harriet Monroe needs to change her life in a big way. When the opportunity to take a dream job at the ultra-exclusive Island Resort drops in her lap, she takes it as a sign that it’s time to make a move……

Her job as PR director for the exclusive Island Resort is Harriet Monroe’s dream come true. Except for the dead bodies that keep turning up…………………….

When the high profile Pelookie family books a week long retreat at the resort Harriet works extra hard to give them what they want. This includes four busts of the family leaders carved in ice.  Harriet can’t wait for the big event to be over and done with…………….

Everyone at The Island Resort is pitching in to help make Harriet Monroe’s pilot program for young female orphans a smash success. The media gives the program rave reviews.   But when Harriet’s newest group of girls find a body stuffed inside the water slide…………

Despite a spate of murders at the high-end Island Resort, Harriet Monroe loves her job. The resort made the coveted number one spot on Pampered Magazine’s list for “must-visit” vacations and she intends to hang onto that position ………………


The sixth book in the Destination Death series brings more trouble to the Island Resort and sends Harriet searching for her lost memories.
Two months have passed at the Island Resort without a murder, missing person, or even a serious injury…………………..
Amateur sleuth Harriet Monroe barely gets settled back in from her trip to the mainland when a female guest disappears. Ten hours later, a second woman goes missing. Despite an extensive search……………………………
Sunny days and starlit nights. Sugar-fine sand. Palm trees, turquoise water, and the best-equipped marina in the world. An amusement park and circus. The finest dining. All set on a private island. The only spoiler? Murder.