Feeling thankful . . .

Quiet and warm here on the farm in flyover country. The 4” of snow we received last week has mostly melted in the 40 degree temps, creating a lovely soft mist in the early mornings. I take the dogs for a walk before sunup and watch the world wake up, although the crows have been active before me, searching out gut piles from the deer season I imagine. They help keep our planet clean and I appreciate their efforts.

Power equipment is winterized and put away. Garlic bed is planted and covered with straw. Squirrels have been busy stashing acorns and black walnuts while the turkey and deer are feasting on hickory nuts. It was an excellent summer for the wild fruit and nut trees and everyone is well fed. Flocks of small birds have descended on our fields to eat the wildflower seeds and I can only imagine how many mice and voles are doing the same, hidden by the long grass. The coyotes hunt for them and the rabbits nightly, and the owls have been taking their share as well. Busy place.

Sounds so peaceful, and it is. I am a lucky woman, and thankful for it all. 

Crabapples in Snow

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