After a couple of beautiful spring-like days we were rudely shoved right back into winter, complete with high winds, an ice storm, massive power outages, and 5″ of heavy wet snow. Ouch.

We lost our power for 30 hours. Not a tragedy because we have a wood stove for heat and a gas range so could cook on the stove top. It was damned inconvenient though since we need power for the well to work. No showers. No washing dishes. No flushing the, uh, toilet. You can imagine. Fortunately I had four gallons of distilled water in the pantry so we had drinking water for us and the dogs.

It was much rougher on the wild life. The spring birds were arriving and got caught with no feed. I’m hoping they headed back south far enough to hit the edge of spring where they can find newly emerging insects to feed on.

I just read an article on American Thinker about global warming. You can link to it here. I had read another piece about how sunspot activity affects the earth’s temperatures but I can’t find the link to that one. In a nutshell, lack of sunspots makes our planet cooler and we are in a phase of no sunspots. Should be interesting. I certainly hope I do not have to live through a mini-ice age. I’m having a tough enough time with this winter.

I’m in the middle of a mystery writing workshop and have used up most of my words so not much to say here today. Hoping I’ve seen the last of this very long winter!

The photo is of another beautiful spring ephemeral that grows here called a Shooting Star. (Photo copyright Gunsmith Photo, courtesy