I hadn’t thought about what I wanted to say today, that’s why this is a hodgepodge post.

The calendar says spring but it snowed all day yesterday. Quite disheartening really so I’m posting a photo of wild lupines I took several years ago at a wildlife management area in southern Minnesota.

I did manage to get outside to work on my largest perennial garden this past week. Last year the deer decided my flowers looked tastier than anything else available and they put a big hurt on my gardens.

This year I’m going to be ready for them. What I really need is a tall prison fence with concertina wire surrounding my entire yard but that isn’t practical. Nor would it be very attractive, so I am fencing each separate garden as unobtrusively as I can instead.

I repurposed some old Mason dog kennel walls that were standing around for the back edge of the largest bed, starting with a 14′ x 7′ piece that was a bear to move. Those suckers are well built and heavy. I have some tall natives growing along that back edge–Cup Plants and Joe Pye Weed that reach 7 feet, and I’m thinking of adding a flowering vine or two, maybe a Clematis, to climb along the fence and cover it. I used to grow Trumpet Vine for the hummingbirds but it’s too invasive and hard to get rid of so that’s not an option.

On the writing side I am well into the first book of a new SF series. Like the Junkyard Dog series, this will be an entertaining and fun read. I also published a short story last week, Cyborg Mermaid’s Song, available at any of your fav retailers.

Sun Li’s dream of becoming a marine biologist falls by the wayside when she has to give it up to care for her sister and ailing mother. When their needs grow beyond what she can provide, Sun Li agrees to transfer her intelligence into a cyborg body in return for their lifetime care.

Now she works in one of the west coast’s best known aquariums caring for the bad-tempered giant Pacific octopus named Rod. What happens when a powerful earthquake strikes the aquarium and Rod’s life is threatened?

A short science fiction story with an unexpected twist, Cyborg Mermaid’s Song is available in digital format only.

That’s all for this week, folks. There are only two days left to get over 40 free books in the sci-fi bundle. (See last week’s post for the link.)

Here’s hoping winter has finished with us. I am definitely finished with it and ready to move on.