Harriet Monroe’s new job as PR director for the exclusive Island Resort is a dream come true. Except for the dead bodies that keep turning up. Working in public relations means Harriet needs to experience everything the resort has to offer. She takes her closest friend with her to check out the resort’s amazing spa–only to have a woman collapse and die at their feet before they even make it past the reception area.

According to the granddaughter, the dead woman had no known enemies. So who wanted her dead? Harriet needs to help the island’s security director find the answer before word of the murder gets picked up by the ever-hungry news media. News of another murder would destroy the newly opened resort’s reputation. 

When a wealthy woman dies unexpectedly the cops always look at who will benefit. The dependent granddaughter? The granddaughter’s struggling boyfriend? Another guest? The more answers they find, the more questions they have–until nothing makes any sense. Who killed Alice Haggedorn and why?

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