Mother Nature

When we are disgusted with the pettiness of mankind we may turn in appreciation to the grandeur of Nature.” Paul Brunton

Apple Blossoms by DesignPicInc

I have to admit that I’ve been mighty disgusted with the pettiness of mankind lately. I am incredibly fortunate that I live in a place where I can turn my back on mankind and focus on Mother Nature. She’s always grand, but this time of year it especially blows me away. I’ve been outside most of the morning, starting with a several mile hike with the dogs.

The windows are open as I write this, allowing fresh air to be carried inside on a fairly stiff breeze. I hear the steady drone of the waterfall/bird bath and the breeze in the trees’ newly opened leaves. They don’t rustle when they’re soft and green; it’s more of a susurration, a gentle murmur. I hear Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and Baltimore Orioles, Robins, Song Sparrows, Cardinals, and a Catbird. Catbirds are amazing mimics. They imitate every bird that hangs around or passes through the yard.

The apple trees are in full blossom. Last week it was the apricot and cherry trees with the wild plums weighing in at the end of the week. Today the wild apple trees and crab apple trees and our small organic orchard are dressed in brilliant white. If the number of blossoms are any indication, it should be a good apple year, provided the pollinators can do their job.

All these things soothe me and remind me just how incredible Nature is. I’ve lived in a city, trapped by steel and concrete. I know there are people who love it, but I am not one. Cities are like a slow-acting poison to my soul. I can take them in small doses but I am a better person when I can see, smell, touch, and hear Nature. It’s as essential to me as breathing.

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