Harriet Monroe wants out of a bad relationship.
Taking her dream job as Public Relations Director for the soon to open exclusive Island Resort seems like the perfect answer to all of her problems.
But things go horribly wrong when Harriet discovers the dead body of her ex fiancé only hours after her arrival on the island.
The Island Resort’s security director, retired NYC murder cop Alex Hayes, can’t believe his bad luck. He left the city to get away from murder only to have one dumped in his lap mere days before the resort opens for business. Worse luck, he’s attracted to his number one suspect.
Trying to impress a new boss while suspected of murder makes settling in to a new job next to impossible. To add to Harriet’s troubles, someone on the island is stalking her. When she sets out to learn who killed her ex she finds more trouble than she bargained for.

270 pages

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Harriet Monroe’s new job as PR director for the exclusive Island Resort is a dream come true. Except for the dead bodies that keep turning up.

Working in public relations means Harriet needs to experience everything the resort has to offer. She talks her closest friend into checking out the resort’s amazing spa with her–only to have a woman collapse and die at her feet before they even make it past the reception area.

According to her granddaughter the dead woman had no known enemies, so who wanted her dead? The island’s security director and Harriet need to find the answer before word of the murder gets out and destroys the exclusive resort’s reputation. 

Set on a lovely tropical island in the near future, Masked in Paradise keeps the reader guessing to the end.

191 pages

ebook $4.99. 

Paperback $9.99


Harriet Monroe’s job as public relations director for the exclusive Island Resort would be a dream come true if bodies didn’t keep turning up.
When the high profile Pelookie family books a week long retreat at the resort Harriet works extra hard to give them what they want. This includes four busts of the family leaders carved in ice for a special unveiling at the week’s final event.
Harriet can’t wait for the big event to be over and done with–until she checks on the ice sculptures and discovers that one has been defaced. Worse, she finds a frozen body locked in the kitchen’s industrial freezer with the sculptures.
As Harriet gets drawn into the Pelookie family’s darkest secrets, she finds that that’s a dangerous place to be.

201 pages

ebook $4.99. 

Paperback $9.99