I released a new book this week, Twisted Sister. It’s an experiment for me on a couple of fronts.

First, I love reading romance and I love writing romance but I’ve been focusing on mainly writing and marketing my science fiction for the last two years. I sort of let my romance books hum in the background without giving them much love.

I have a romance series called Romancing the Gods. Each book in that series takes a pairing from Greek mythology and re-imagines the characters in a modern setting. It’s a lot of fun to write and I squeeze it in between my other books sort of like a palate cleanser. I’m working on the fourth book in the series now.

But I also get ideas for books that don’t fit into any series. Twisted Sister, a romance/mystery, is one of those books. My editor loved it and I hope romance fans will as well. It’s about love and betrayal and yes, a murder, and two good people who are having a rough time of it.

Here’s where the second part of trying something new comes in. I sell all my stories everywhere, in every market I can access, because I believe they should be available to everyone everywhere. But I am going to put my romance stories in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited for a limited time period so KU members can read them for free and hopefully leave me some reviews. I am essentially conducting a marketing strategy test. Most of the writers I know sell only through Amazon. I believe that in the long run that will turn out to be a short-sighted strategy for selling books and I’ve resisted that path.

But I’m also curious. Since my romance books are pretty much invisible I see no harm in conducting this test. Once my Romancing the Gods series is delisted everywhere else I’ll also put those in KU (Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s subscription program. A reader pays a monthly fee and gets access to every book in KU. Unlimited reading. That’s a sweet deal for voracious readers.)

Ku is a three month commitment. I’ll let you know how the experiment went at the end of the three months. Could be a bust. Could be a gangbuster. Time will tell.