Pandora Jones roams her city streets at night gathering the troubles and worries that keep others awake. The ultimate lonely girl.

When playboy Zee’s father sends him halfway across America on an errand,  he cannot refuse. One does not say no to Zeus. If only he knew what the errand entailed.

Smart, playful, and satisfying, Pandora’s Penance rights an old wrong and brings an Olympic god down to where love and romance rule.

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Cassie Brown loves her job working with sail and power boats. Loves her fiancé, Portland’s most eligible bachelor.

Loves her life–except for one tiny thing. She sees the future and no one ever believes her.

Handsome Pauli drives the launch at the marina. Just a short stopover on his way to somewhere else.

Until he meets Cassie and everything changes.

CASSANDRA’S CURSE brings a modern twist to an old myth about love and betrayal.

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Tia Smith prefers work over romance. After five years of wrangling with the city she lands the coveted Bayside Project in her beloved Portland, Maine. Unfortunately her father lined up financing for the project with Portland’s favorite playboy, Jack Orion.


Jack Orion plays hard, works hard, and goes through beautiful women like they’re an endless commodity. He possesses what every man dreams of: prestige, power, and the body and face of a lesser god. He wants more from life.

When Tia storms Jack’s office and accuses him of sabotaging her project the sparks fly. Can they rewrite ancient history into a happily ever after?

Engaging characters combined with a mystery make TIA’S TROUBLES a satisfying and heart-warming read.

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