Humans have been telling one another stories ever since they first developed language. Stories that teach, stories that entertain. The ancient Greek story tellers had a nasty habit of punishing their main characters, especially when it came to romance. I’m bringing these couples into modern times and giving them not only new lives, but also another chance to find the happily ever after they deserve.
This collection contains the first four books in the Romancing a God series.
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Curiosity killed the cat. It also changed the course of mankind. Pandora Jones roams her city streets at night, collecting the worries that keep others awake and securing them in special boxes that she makes. The ultimate lonely girl, trying to atone for her ancestor’s costly mistake, just like the long line of Pandoras before her. Zeus sends his handsome eldest son to set things right with Pandora but neglects to tell Zee exactly who to look for, what to do, or even why he’s been sent. That would take all the fun out of the game and everyone knows the Olympic gods love their games.
Engaged to marry Portland’s most eligible bachelor, an up and coming lawyer in the city’s most prestigious law firm, Cassandra Brown can’t believe her good fortune. Her life is perfect except for one teeny, tiny thing–she can see the future, but no one ever listens. Handsome Pauli knows about Cassie’s gift. He knows why no one listens when she tries to warn them. He even knows what needs to be done about it–but can he convince Cassie to give up her perfect dream?
Artemis Smith prefers work over romance. After five years of plotting and planning she lands a coveted project in her beloved Portland, Maine. Unfortunately, her father lines up financing for the project with Jack Orion, a man who plays hard, works hard, and goes through beautiful women like they’re an endless commodity. Artemis has no intention of becoming one of Jack’s conquests, but Orion can’t ignore a challenge–especially when the prize is the intelligent and alluring Artemis Smith.
Constantly judged by her looks, Andromeda White doesn’t fit in anywhere. She tries her best to fulfill her parents’ expectations but never earns their love, the one thing she most wants. Now they expect her to make the ultimate sacrifice for their business–to marry a man she despises.
Andromeda rebels and makes a bid for love and happiness–until she discovers the fates of hundreds lie in her hands. Can she find a way to free herself from her destiny and seize happiness?