Post-Apocalyptic adventure stories featuring a young woman named Sydney Waters.

Natural disasters changed the face of the planet and wiped out three-fourths of the earth’s population. Those left struggle to survive. Food and shelter, the basic necessities everyone once took for granted, become something worth killing for.

Join Sydney as she makes her way through this strange new world.



Book One

Every journey begins with a need and a single step

Everyone knows thou shalt not kill.

But what about in a world where scavenging for even the most basic needs takes courage and cunning? Can young Sydney Waters face her greatest challenge alone and survive?

Slow Walk, the first book in the Upheaval post-apocalyptic series, introduces the reader to a chilling new reality where survival often means choosing who deserves to live—and who deserves to die.

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Book Two

Sanity is madness put to good use. George Santayana

Sydney Waters stares out over the brittle, seared land three hundred feet below. How to cross four hundred miles of desert with a blind man and a dog?

Before Sydney can change course, the cliff edge breaks away. Her companion tumbles down into the desert.

The only way out a cave that leads deep beneath the state of Nebraska. No turning back now.

Book Two of the Upheaval series, Edge of Reality takes the reader on an extraordinary and unexpected adventure in a world turned upside down.

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Book Three

Survival can be summed up in three words–Never Give Up. Bear Grylls

Sydney Waters finds herself alone in the harsh and unforgiving Rocky Mountains. No sign of Jordan or the great hound, Dogma. The threat of snow in the air.

Her choices whittled down to one: she must continue alone toward her goal or die.

Book Three of the Upheaval series, Solstice Moon concludes Sydney’s courageous journey, traveling down twisty and challenging paths the reader never imagined.

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