Charley Marsh is an American writer who writes across multiple genres including science fiction, mystery, and romance. Her books are available in ebook format worldwide through her website, libraries, and all retailers. Paperback and large print editions are also available through select retailers and libraries worldwide.


Science Fiction

The Junkyard Dog series is a science fiction action/adventure series with a touch of fantasy. Each story stands alone as part of a larger story.

The Upheaval series explores a science fiction post apocalyptic world where the rules of civilization no longer apply.

Emotionless as droids, highly specialized translator clones mediate negotiations galaxy-wide.
The first book in an exciting new sci-fi series, A Desperate Gamble introduces an unlikely hero: a clone who dares the unthinkable.

In 1866, Zula Smith begins life on a lab table hidden deep in a limestone cave. Not quite human. Not quite Other. When her father is arrested for the murder of a young woman, Zula must find the true killer before her father is hung for a crime he didn’t commit.