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Self Employment Takes Real Commitment

Over the years I’ve worked for myself on several occasions. I like being the boss of me, setting my hours, deciding how the work should flow, collecting payment, doing the books. There’s a lot to being self employed and it takes certain character traits to be a successful entrepreneur. Probably the most important (at least for me at the moment) is a willingness to show up for work regularly even though there’s nobody holding me accountable other than myself.

I once met a person who was clearly impressed that I owned and ran my company of one. I basked in his lavish praise until: “That’s terrific,” he said. “You get to work whenever you want and pay yourself whatever you feel like. I’d love that.”

Seriously? Do people actually believe that? The truth is that I work every day, weekends included, rarely take a day off, and only pay myself what my income will bear after expenses, taxes, insurance, etc. I am consumed by my business and it is rarely far from my thoughts. Most of what I do is focused on becoming a better, more successful writer. Fortunately, there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. I have finally found my sweet spot in life. If I’m doing what I love, how can I have anything but a wonderful, fulfilling life?

Betrayed will be finished tomorrow and ready for its first edit. Hoo-rah! No spoilers, but I think my readers will be pleased with this one. And I’ve started contemplating ideas for the next book in the series. Onward!

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