Dark Horse


Dark Horse 12521
Horse shows aren’t all fun and glamour. They also require long grueling hours of work. While unloading a trailer after a jam-packed show weekend, amateur sleuth Spencer Reed discovers a stowaway child. Frightened. Mute. Who is the stowaway and why was the child hiding in the Rocking Bear’s horse trailer?
At home, her grandfather’s new caregiver gives Spencer the creeps. There’s just something about him that doesn’t jibe. Unfortunately he seems to have found a way to ease her grandfather’s constant pain, so she says nothing.
Spencer can’t resist a good mystery, especially when a child needs her help. But when she digs for answers she finds herself in the middle of more than she bargains for. The answers she finds could end up costing Spencer and her grandfather their lives. Book Two in the Spencer Reed Mystery series.
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