This is a Spring Beauty, a sweet and delicate ephemeral found in the local woods. (Photo copyright Gunsmith Photo.)

Ephemeral flowers are quick to come and go. They show up when the ground has warmed but the leaves on the trees are not yet out so they get to soak up the sunshine before the woods get shady. We have several varieties and I look forward to them every year. When they arrive I know winter’s truly over.

It was a long and difficult winter and I am relieved that spring is finally here. According to the calendar anyway. We’re expecting snow on Wednesday, LOL. Fortunately it won’t last. The birds are migrating, the sandhill cranes and Canadian geese are already checking out possible nest spots, the first spring peepers are singing and my spirits are lifted. A few days ago I witnessed a pair of migrating Peregrine falcons do their acrobatic mating dance in the air. Impressive.

I am making a conscious effort to focus on all the beauty and positive in my world. Otherwise I’d be tense and frustrated by what’s going on around me. In the words of Paul Brunton from decades ago:

“The lack of spiritual reverence and the lowness of moral tone, the ignorance of karmic consequences and the violence of greed and hatred–these are the things today which are immensely dangerous to humanity.”

Those words are as applicable today as they were when Brunton wrote them. What I have to keep remembering is that I can only change myself. I cannot think, feel, or act for another. So I am choosing beauty. I am choosing to treat every person (or any creature) who enters my sphere of influence with respect and compassion. I am choosing love over hatred and intolerance.

Mostly I am just going to keep my head down and write. I have two new series that I am excited about and I need to get at least four books written in each before I start releasing them.

And finally, a reminder about the awesome science fiction offering going on right now. With over forty authors offering free books there’s something for everyone and a great chance to check out the work of authors who may be new to you. You can learn more about that here.