Teenage amateur sleuth mysteries star Spencer Reed a 16 year old girl living on an Iowa farm.

Spencer’s father abandoned her when she was three. Her mother never leaves the house. Her grandfather can’t. Only Spencer’s life long fascination with horses helps her cope with her difficult life. When a chance meeting lands her a job on a neighboring horse farm, Spencer stumbles upon long-buried mysteries about her father’s disappearance, her mother’s life since then, and her grandfather.

To determine the truth, Spencer soon finds herself playing amateur sleuth. What do ancient Indian mounds in Iowa have to do with a missing Spanish fortune? What do they have to do with her father vanishing? How and why was part of the fortune moved thousands of miles and hidden in Iowa? Why and how should Spencer go about recovering it today?

The Spencer Reed teenage amateur sleuth mysteries follow Spencer’s journey as she unravels the secret of a missing fortune in Spanish gold.

Spencer Reed mysteries

Amateur sleuth Spencer Reed lives with her crippled grandfather and a mother who refuses to leave the house. Home schooled and isolated, only the certain knowledge that she’ll inherit the family farm one day and be able to fulfill her life’s dream of raising horses keeps her from spiraling into despair…..
Horse shows aren’t all fun and glamour. They also require long grueling hours of work. While unloading a trailer after a jam-packed show weekend, amateur sleuth Spencer Reed discovers a stowaway child. Frightened. Mute. Who is the stowaway and why was the child hiding ………….
Amateur sleuth Spencer Reed takes her grandfather to the Wind Star Ranch in Tucson, a horse ranch and assisted care facility on the edge of the Saguaro Desert where her grandfather plans to spend the remainder of the winter……….

Includes Books One, Two and Three