Who am I to even suggest that I know the meaning of life? I am a mere mortal, and yet I am also a seeker. One who has found answers to questions. Large questions. Does that mean I know it all? Not by a long shot. But I keep searching.

Today I want to share a small piece of what I’ve learned.

It’s so easy to become entirely wrapped up in the daily business of living, to the point where that is all we see. Our lives become so full of doing there is room for nothing else. If we remain focused on everything we experience intellectually, emotionally, and physically there is no space for the more, for the intangible.

And yet the intangible, that which we cannot measure in any quantifiable way, is the most important aspect of our reality. I would argue that it is in fact MORE real than our thoughts, our bodies, and our emotions. These aspects of our being have a finite life, a limited time span. They are in fact, the dream.

This intangible piece of us that hides in our core beneath the other three layers—the part of every one of us that can only be reached after sincere and devoted effort—that core piece is our personal spark of infinity. If the intellect, emotions, and our bodies are the dream, then the intangible core is the awake. The real us.

I am considered an odd person because I know there is more to life than my body, my emotions, and my intellect. But I don’t just think this is so, I have first-hand experience. The glimpses of the intangible are fleeting and sporadic, but they are also solid and true.

There is more to me, and therefore there is more to every other human, than we see on the surface. That intangible is vast, so vast that when I am connected with it I feel as if I am floating in infinite space.

It is the All. If Einstein was correct and there is only Matter and Energy in this universe, then the intangible is the energy from which all matter springs. From which we spring. And we can know it in its purest form.

To me, it is much more puzzling that these same people who judge me odd go about their lives never  questioning if there is any purpose to life. Our purpose is more than amassing wealth, raising families, or mastering intellectual problems. Our purpose is to know the intangible.

We are driven to seek when we suffer. Serious illness. Debilitating pain. Loss of a loved one. Frustration. These are a few of the circumstances that drive us to wonder, Is there more to life? When we begin to sincerely question what purpose our lives serve, the veil between us and the intangible begins to shred.

Our purpose is to experience the Source of All. The quickest route to achieving this is to learn how to meditate. Learn how to stop your thoughts. When you stop your thoughts enough times you begin to sense that there is something beneath those thoughts. That the essence of You is not what you think, nor what you feel physically or emotionally.

The essence of You is part of the infinite intangible. A very freeing concept that makes all the hardships of life much easier to deal with.

I started to go off on several tangents here but I think I will stop. This is something that needs to come out in dribs and drabs, to be absorbed in tiny amounts. More importantly, it is nearly impossible to talk about.

How can finite words speak about the infinite? My humble efforts are the best I can do, and they are woefully inadequate. My apologies for that.