The Upheaval Series: Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction:

The Upheaval series explores a science fiction post apocalyptic world where the rules of civilization no longer apply. 

SETTING: Natural disasters have wiped out three quarters of the Earth’s population leaving the power grid and fuel supplies shattered. City dwellers fight scraps of food. Panic and anarchy rule. Life in the country is slightly better for those on, or near, farms.

OUR HEROINESydney Waters’ mother died in the massive tsunami that ravaged New York City. Her father was working in Yellowstone when the volcano erupted and hasn’t been heard from in nearly two years. With her twin sister, Sydney struggles to raise enough food to feed themselves, their ailing grandfather, and the bands of stragglers escaping the cities.

STORY: Our heroine decides to set out in search of the one person she knows will help her. A dangerous journey of a thousand miles, alone and on foot, to search for a man who may not even be alive.

Follow Sydney as she travels through a post apocalyptic world where surviving often depends upon doing the unimaginable.

The Upheaval Series Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction Books

Three quarters of the earth’s people wiped out. No power. No phones. No fuel for trucks to move food into the cities. Panic and anarchy rule. Her family gone, young Sydney Waters…………

Sydney Waters stares out over the brittle, dry landscape three hundred feet below, sunken land that used to be Nebraska. How to cross four hundred miles of desert with a blind man and a dog?……………………..

Sydney Waters finds herself alone in the harsh and unforgiving Rocky Mountains. No sign of Jordan or the great hound, Dogma. The threat of snow in the air. Her choices whittled down to one…………………….


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