I’ve been busy trying to catch up with marketing and publishing—both of which require new programs and courses and climbing learning curves. Some days I feel that I might as well just beat my head against a wall, that’s how little progress I make. But persistence pays off, as it does in all avenues of life, and I’m slowly climbing the curves. The bad thing for me is that it all takes time away from my writing, which is the part of this job that I like best.

One of the things I decided to do was to bundle together some of the Junkyard Dog books. Because they are short novels, between 20,000 and 25,000 words each, this worked out quite well. I bundled them in groups of four, and when I finish writing the final three (in 2018) I’ll bundle the last four as well.

Books 1-4 can be purchased at a number of retailers: http://books2read.com/JD-Collection-1-4


Books 5-8 can also be found at a number of retailers: http://books2read.com/JD-Collection-5-8

The next Junkyard Dog is started. Ghost Ship should be out in February, 2018. Another fun adventure with Rita King and her motley crew. I have to admit that I really enjoy writing this series. Maybe I won’t stop with an even dozen. . .